7000 BC Workshops for Media Savvy Citizens

Guest Workshops | Media Savvy Citizens | Make Comic Books! Summer Camp | Monday-Tuesday, June 28-29, 2021 | Ages 11-14 |  Taos, NM

7000 BC will be run two guest workshops as part of the week-long Make Comic Books! Summer Camp at Media Savvy Citizens in Taos.  The workshops for ages 11-14 will examine what comics are and how to thumbnail comics.  We're excited for the opportunity to work with Media Savvy Citizens, an organization that believes successful media education and technology integration can benefit individuals and communities seeking to improve their ability to succeed in today’s technical, fast-evolving world.

On Monday, June 28, 7000 BC will provide a 30-minute virtual intro to What Are Comics?  This will be followed up on Tuesday, June 29 with a 1-hour, in-person workshop on Thumbnailing.  The full Summer Camp runs June 28 - July 2 through Media Savvy Citizens and is sold out.