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7000 BC is Sol Arts/7000 BC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit community arts organization dedicated to teaching comics-making and providing opportunities for New Mexico-based comics creators. Members all create and produce their own comics. 7000 BC produces string and an occasional anthology; it's up to individuals to print their own books, though members are happy to help with the process.

Meetings are held monthly, alternating between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Anybody can be a member, participate in meetings and be listed on the Web site. We aim to support creators in their comics-making by being a resource, providing a supporting environment, and a means for artists and writers to connect.

For those who wish to pay, dues are $5/month. Dues-paying members are entitled to publish work in string, our regular anthology; to have their books sold (with sales split 50/50) at conventions that 7000 BC exhibits at; and post news and comics for sale to the 7000 BC Web site. Dues and proceeds from sales go to fund printing string, purchasing table space, our Web hosting, and occasional special events or equipment — but no expenditures are made without Board approval.

7000 BC will purchase table space at conventions so that members' comics can be sold — travel, room, and board are all up to the individual(s) making the trip and staffing the table.

To learn more about 7000 BC or to get added to the email list of news and events, send an email.