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Saturday, August 28 — What Are Comics? (Opening Up Panels, Contents, and the Space Between)
An introduction to what makes a comic a comic. A panel a panel. And a gutter a truly fascinating place to be.
Saturday, September 4 — How Many Radioactive Squirrels Does it Take to Make a Comic? (Clear Storytelling with Banana-Thieving Squirrels)
Exploring too much or too little.
Saturday, September 11 — The Shape of Characters to Come (Character Definition and Quick Draw Mug Shots)
Visualizing a character's stance by their stance, within a wall of ugly (and otherwise) mugs.
Saturday, September 18 — The Down Elevator to Backstory (Design Sheets and Fictional Pasts)
Speak swiftly and carry a big sketchbook.  What floor, please?
Saturday, September 25 — Thumbnailing with Kaiju Claws (Enhancing Story with Tiny Broad Strokes)
How many ways can you trim your thumbnails and still have them be your thumbnails?
Saturday, October 2 — Picturing Words in Drawings (Text and Image Interacting)
It's a new type of comic once you let the letters in.
Saturday, October 9 — The Covenant of the Arc (Character Arcs and Story Arcs)
Weaving the patchwork of pathways through your story.
Saturday, October 16 — Mini Comics! What's the Big idea? (A Grand Story in Eight Tiny Pages)
An instruction manual for making your way between extremes.
Saturday, October 23 — The Unexpected Three-Panel Comic (Stories are Everywhere)
Accidentally created a comic?  Be re-introduced to the language of comics and the landscape of our brains.
Saturday, October 30 — A Genre By Any Other Name (Forming Stories and Approaching Form)
Is it true that the truest tale is truly dull?  A mystery, a rom-com, and a memoir walk into a bar.
Saturday, November 6 — Turning Over A New Leaf  (The Importance of Page Turns)
Breathing life into the desire to see the next page.
Saturday, November 13 — You Call That A Comic? (Theme Showing Itself as Format)
The container that is your book.  How can it reveal your ideas?

Saturday, November 20 — Caught Up in the Moment (Time in, Around, and Between Panels)
Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana — and comics time flies like nothing else.
Saturday, November 27 — The Cantina at the End of Storytelling (One-Upmanshipping with MacGuffins)
One shoe is all you need to make a fine MacGuffin Jam and serve it up to be forgotten in a never-ending tale.
Saturday, December 4 — Prince Joe Versus the Evil Wizard of Grammaria (How Storytelling Functions in the Brain)
Exploring the psychological, emotional, and physical effects of a good story, found on the bread aisle.
Saturday, December 11 — The Gestalt of It All (History, Monsters, and Show and Tell)
Monsters have controlled the evolution of comics.  What have we wrought?