report from Cactus Con

Well, the Phoenix Cactus ComiCon was a lot of fun, even though the Small Press / Artist Alley got moved from the main floor into The Stifling Hot Corridor of Sweaty Hotness with Extra Heat. Some highlights:
[click images for larger view]

Pete and Paul set up the banner, which saved us from melting in the sun...

... because we were backed up to the only large window in the hallway:

Some views of the table:


On Sunday, Mai — one of the Con staffers — came by to have her t-shirt signed. Bram and I tagged her with a 7000 BC logo and Pete left a sketch of Keenan from Fakin' the Funk:


This guy wore his politics proudly, and picked up a copy of Jamie Chase's Scary Clowns.

Spidey gives Ryk's new sketchbook, Chipotle, the thumbs-up. We promise not to tell Stan Lee.