24 Hour Comics Day

Saturday, October 7-Sunday, October 8 | noon | True Believers Comics and Gallery | Santa Fe, NM

7000 BC will be co-hosting a 24 Hour Comics Day event along with True Believers Comics and Gallery in Santa Fe from noon on Saturday straight through to noon on Sunday. It's a tremendous challenge, but terrific fun. And last year, our own Syk Ryk had his comic selected for the 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2005, which receives international publicity and distribution.

We'd also like to extend our thanks to Aroma Coffee, Trader Joe's, and Tomasita's for their generous donations.

Update: The event is over, and we had terrific participation and a great time. At our peak, had 25 creators working at the shop. By deadline, we had 15 comics, 11 of which made it to 24 pages; there's also a few who took theirs home to complete. Follow our progress — and that of participants from around the world — at the 24 Hour Comics Blog. Or you can skip straight to our last three posts here, here, and here (first one got lost in some confusion about where we were to post).

Further update: Photos at Flickr.