24 Hour Comics Day Schedule of Events 2022!

24 Hour Comics Day 2022 Schedule | Saturday and Sunday, October 1-2 | Noon to Noon | All Ages | FREE | Virtual

It's time for 24 Hour Comics Day 2022!

24 Hours. 1440 Minutes. 86,400 Seconds.  24 Hour Comics Day is an annual international celebration of creativity!  The challenge is for participants to create a complete 24 page comic book in 24 consecutive hours. It's a creative exercise that will test your stamina while you explore what you're capable of!
24 Hour Comics Day 2022
A FREE All Ages Event
Saturday-Sunday, October 1-2

Noon-Noon MST
Thursday, September 29
5:30 PM MST
SAWgust Challenge Comics Reading 
Want to know what it's like to create a comic in 24 Hours?  Start with these readings of comics created as part of the First Annual SAWgust Challenge!
The SAWgust challenge is a NaNoWriMo-style event for comics creators, put together by our friends at the Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida.  Creators had one month to complete a comics goal of their own choosing.  Coupling the discipline of 24 Hour Comics Day with the sensibleness of regular sleeping habits, come find out what happens.
Use this LINK.

Saturday, October 1
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
FREE  (Pay-What-You-Can donations accepted)
It's a new type of comic once you let the letters in.

Guest Instructor Bram Meehan will lead participants through technical and conceptual approaches to the use of text in comics.  This will come in handy when you're struggling to finish the lettering on Hour 19 of your 24 Hour Comic.

Saturday, October 1
11:00 AM -5:00 PM
This year's Zinefest is at The Sanitary Tortilla Factory!  Stop in, check out zines, and watch for ghost tortillas from the old Sanitary days.

And Anytime!
We have a new friend helping to sponsor us this year.  A Print Friend.  Based in Santa Fe, Hello, Print Friend is a podcast dedicated to the celebration and amplification of contemporary printmaking and its culture.  They've also donated a photo etching print that we'll be giving away during 24 Hour Comics Day!

A FREE All Ages Event
Saturday-Sunday, October 1-2

Noon-Noon MST

Participants must register for FREE through Eventbrite which will allow you to join us on Zoom.  
  • You do not need to stay the entire time.  
  • Visitors are welcome. 
  • Be inspired and meet fellow creators!
  • Have conversations when you want, work when you want.
  • We will need a parent or guardian's consent for minors.

11:30 AM - The Zoom Waiting Room will open.  Registration will be available at this time.

  *  Free Raffles every 2 hours - You MUST log into Zoom to be eligible for the raffles.
  *  Work-in-Progress Loop - Participants can email images to jeff@7000bc.org to be inserted.
  *  Group Comic Jam - Creator's block?  Add a panel to a comic we'll all create together.
  *  Music, Videos, and Other Distractions - For those who need a little something different.

NOON - 24HCD Begins.  We'll give a brief introduction and cover the official rules.  
NOON - We'll also have a visit from Emma and Esa, the hosts for the long-running 24 Hour Comics Day in Muhos, Finland.  They will be 9 hours ahead of us.  We'll see what their event is like and get a glimpse 9 hours into our own future.  Emma and Esa will be joining us a second time later in the evening as their coming to the close of their event.
1 PM - Informative and Educational Videos from Gene Luen Yang, Joe Kubert, and others.

6 PM - BYO Dinner Break.  An excellent opportunity to learn about the cuisine of the soon-to-be underslept.  We'll be joined by Susan Marks, who put together the SAWgust Challenge to chat about SAWgust, and the Sequential Artists Workshop.  Take a break and chat with fellow creators.

8 PM - Tips on making comics that nourish from Space Boy creator Stephen McCranie.

MIDNIGHT - Halfway through!  We'll have a second visit from Emma and Esa and see what's been completed, and what we have to share with them.

2 AM - Video excitement.  We have a few possibilities and will probably just vote on it.

8 AM - BYO Breakfast Burrito with possibly live and possibly even lively WAKE UP MUSIC from New Mexico.

NOON - All done.  Go to sleep.  Clean up later.

Questions on any of this? Please contact Jeff.

 Stay safe, be well, and make comics!  We'll see you there!