Between The Panels Comics Workshop - The Down Elevator to Backstory

Between The Panels Comics Workshops | Saturday, February 5, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM MST | Online | Pay-What-You-Can

Improve your ability to communicate through word and image.

Uncover different aspects and perspectives on the comics-making process.

Explore the essence of what makes comics unique through invigorating and contemplative workshops.

Why not tickle your brain with comics?!!

Between the Panels, 7000 BC's series of pay-what-you-can online comics workshops return to enliven your 2022.  This spring we'll be adding new instructors with new perspectives to share.  Sharpen your pencils, roll out the virtual paper and get ready to draw upon your strengths.  Join us as we explore a storytelling medium like no other.  Drop-in students are welcome! 

Registration is required.  Workshop registration is through Eventbrite 

Pay-What-You-Can.  Suggested Donation is $25/workshop.  Need-based scholarships are available.  Email Jeff to inquire.

Once registered, you'll get a weekly invitation to upcoming workshops unless you tell us to stop.  We won't send you anything else.  We use Zoom for workshops, so you'll have to sign up for a free Zoom account here as well.
Learn more about the Spring Series at BetweenThePanels.org or register directly through Eventbrite.

This Week:
Saturday, February 5 - The Down Elevator to Backstory (Design Sheets and Fictional Pasts)
Speak swiftly and carry a big sketchbook.  What floor, please? 

Saturday, February 12 - Thumbnailing with Kaiju Claws
(Enhancing Story with Tiny Broad Strokes)

How many ways can you trim your thumbnails and still have them be your thumbnails?

Saturday, February 19 - Picturing Words in Drawings (Text and Image Interacting)
It's a new type of comic once you let the letters in.
Saturday, February 26 - The Covenant of the Arc (Character Arcs and Story Arcs)
Weaving the patchwork of pathways through your story.
Saturday, March 5 - Mini Comics!  What's the Big idea?  (A Grand Story in Eight Tiny Pages)
An instruction manual for making your way between extremes. 
Saturday, March 12 - The Unexpected Three-Panel Comic (Stories are Everywhere)
Accidentally created a comic?  Be re-introduced to the language of comics and the landscape of our brains.
Stay safe, be well, and make comics!