24 Hour Comics Day Schedule!

Makers Weekend featuring 24 Hour Comics Day | October 2 - 3, 2021 | Noon-Noon MST / 2PM-2PM EST | All Ages | Virtual

Makers Weekend is more than a weekend!
Saturday, October 2-3, Noon-Noon MST / 2:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST
A Free, All Ages Event
Challenge yourself to make a 24 page comic in 24 hours!  Join 7000 BC and partners SAW, Abq ZineFest, and AIGA-NM.  We'll be on Discord and Zoom for the whole event.  You do not need to participate the entire time. 

You must register through Eventbrite for 24 Hour Comics Day!  You can log in to Discord anytime or the Zoom waiting room starting half an hour prior to the event.  The Zoom event will begin precisely at noon.  We'll need a parent or guardian's consent for minors.
Questions?  Email jeff@7000bc.org.

For the Eventbrite link, click HERE.  Zoom is for registration, events, entertainment, and raffles!

For the Discord link, click HERE.  Discord is for hanging out and sharing!


11:30 AM - The Zoom Waiting Room will open.  Registration will be available at this time.

ONGOING - Free Raffles every 2 hours - You MUST log into Zoom to be eligible for the raffles.
    - Work-in-Progress Loop - Participants can email images to jeff@7000bc.org to be inserted.

NOON - 24HCD Begins.  We'll give a brief introduction and cover the official rules.
1 PM - Tips on making comics that nourish from Space Boy creator Stephen McCranie.

2 PM - A visit from GNAW at 16 hours into their 24 Hour Comics Day.  Glimpse your future.

6 PM - BYO Dinner Break with 7000 BC, SAW, AIGA-NM, and ABQ ZineFest.  Q&A encouraged.

8 PM - Live Music from NoLa.  For those who missed NoLa performing at the Reading, we didn't want to deprive you.

10 PM - Video of 7000 BC & AIGA's Translating Story to Image panel at the annual Virtual Authors Festival presented by the Octavia Fellin Public Library in Gallup, New Mexico.

2 AM - Informative and Educational Videos on sleep deprivation, living and working on Mars time, and the 32 symbols of graphic communication.

4 AM - The History of Monsters in Comics.  This is not the time to retrieve that pen you dropped under the bed.  You know what lives under there.

8 AM - BYO Breakfast Burrito featuring WAKE UP MUSIC from NoLa, the undisputed Queen of 24 HCD tunes.

NOON - All done.  Go to sleep.  Clean up later.

Stay safe, be well, and make comics!  We'll see you there!