24 Hour Comics Day 2017 at Twin Suns in Albuquerque

24 Hour Comics Day | Saturday, October 7–Sunday, October 8 | noon–noon | Twin Suns Comics and Games | 6301 Riverside Plaza NW Ste L-1 | Albuquerque, NM

Be a part of 24 Hour Comics Day 2017 — accept the challenge to create 24 comic book pages in 24 consecutive hours.

Join 7000 BC as the sun sets and rises at Twin Suns Comics and Games for a creative exercise that will test your stamina while you explore what you're capable of.

Once again thousands of artists of all skill levels from around the globe gather for this annual celebration of comics creation — Albuquerque has consistently been among the largest gatherings in the world for this international event, so bring your papers and pens, enjoy coffee from Winning Coffee, and join in for New Mexico's only 24 Hour Comics Day event.

This event is open to all ages (with parental permission for minors) and is free. Pre-registration is not required, but it's helpful — if you know you're going to participate, please send an email.

We're also looking for sponsors to donate food, drink, and prizes. Please get in touch if you're able to donate or help us find donations.

Thank you to our sponsors:


Ben has been blogging updates at 7000 BC's Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Jeff here doing a quick post in honor of Chuck's retirement.  Aliina, 7000 BC's Queen of 24 Hour Comics Day, is also out this year (something about finishing her degree).  She's done the posters for years, so those tiny pages on this year's poster are her artwork from past projects.

We've been handing out raffle prizes, and the prizes are growing!  Our last raffle was for an entire set of comics to newlywed Winter.  Winter's been working on a coloring book, as seen here:
That's Winter with hubby and co-organizer Nathan.

Nathan's thumbnailed.

Currently, we're doing a raffle from Jim Lynch and Wonderfunders.  Jim's just handed out fifty bucks to Talon, twenty five to Olive, and twenty five to... well, there seems to be a bit of a kerfuffle with the raffle tix but we're getting it sorted it out - and it goes to Nathan!

Talon is working on his sophomore effort, having attended 24 Hour Comics Day once before, along with a very serious table neighbor.

Will has finished at least a half dozen pages since I started writing this.

Gabe's got a WWI story going.

Organizer Ben is working on work for his Patreon.

And Mike and Olive are creating some beautiful pages in full color! (sort of)

Vic bugged out early after revealing the Hulk showering, complete with shower cap and rubber ducky!

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors - international 24 HCD Organizers ComicsPro, Twin Suns, Winning Coffee, Wolfe's Bagels, and Ben Girven's Pizza Emporium!  Check out Ben's Facebook posts for more.

Oh, and one last update!  We also have two 7000 BC members working from home.  They're both taking this opportunity to work on larger projects.  Here's a panel from an earlier comic of Courtney's that's related to the current project.  She had 14 pages done by 8 pm!

And here's a panel from Elizabeth's (aka Skippy's) online comic The Champions of Sorien.  She creates her comics using 3D animation software.  She's just finished the first print volume of the Sorien saga, The Forge of St. Raphael and is spending this 24 HCD building scenery for the next chapter in the tale.

Happy 24 Hour Comics Day to all!  How'd I do, Chuck?