7000 BC at STAPLE! 2009

STAPLE! | Saturday, March 7 | 11:00-7:00 | Monarch Event Center | Austin, TX


7000 BC will be returning to STAPLE! in Austin, Texas on Saturday, March 7. Comics from the group will be available, including the most recent strings and several other brand-new books. We'll be at Table 18 in the Auditorium.

Our friend Rob Stikmanz will be next door at 65 in the hall. Friend of 7000 BC and contributor to string Marc Haines will be around and about as well.

Update: it was an amazing time; again, we met a whole bunch of some really great people — thanks to everyone who stopped by. A pitful few photos below (click for larger); our friend Rob and our neighbor Jennifer on the end there:


We also pop up in this video from Texas Geek TV: