SFAI June comic workshop

The first workshop at SFAI was a huge success, and a lot of work, and a lot of fun! There were originally 15 kids in the class, but due to other commitments and/or day camps, by the end, we were down to ten or so. Some of the kids collaborated on books with each other, and some collaborated with Ryk and Paul and me (we helped some of the younger kids with lettering and layout... and one-on-one time to help them focus).

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Some days it seemed like we were just daycare with Sharpies, and that not much we said was sinking in, but by the end everyone had actually made their own books and, lemme tell you, they rocked!

Thanks to Uncle Paulie, Jett, Jeff, and Shriek for helping out, and to Johanna, Kelsy, Anne, and the rest of the SFAI staff for the support and snacks and wrangling the kids at lunch!