Upcoming Workshop - ENMU!

Upcoming Workshops - ENMU! | Sunday, July 16 - Monday, July 17, 2023 | Eastern New Mexico University | 1500 S Avenue K Station 32, Portales, NM 88130 | FREE!

7000 BC will run three workshops for different ages.  Come explore what comics are from different points of view.  This is a FREE event!

Sunday, July 16
The Gestalt of It All (History, Monsters, and Comics)
A Comics Lecture and Workshop
Monsters have controlled the evolution of comics.  What have we wrought? Did you know monsters have controlled the evolution of comics?  Independent comic book creators from 7000 BC will guide you through a who's who of the monsters in, around, and behind comics over the past century, revealing how their presence has shaped the comics industry.  Then we'll jump in with pen in hand, wrestle your personal creative demons, pin 'em to the page, and give them a stern talking to about who makes the comics in this relationship.

Monday, July 17
Ages:  6-12
Make Your Own Comic Book Workshop
Join us as we guide you through the fun of combining panels, words, and pictures to make your own comics in this fast-paced, hands-on workshop!

Ages:  12-17
Prince Joe Versus the Evil Wizard of Grammaria (How Storytelling Functions in the Brain)
Exploring the psychological, emotional, and physical effects of a good story, found on the bread aisle. Sharpen your pencils, roll out the virtual paper and get ready to draw upon your strengths.  Join us as we explore a storytelling medium like no other.  Improve your ability to communicate through word and image.  Uncover different aspects and perspectives on the comics-making process. Explore the essence of what makes comics unique!

See you there!