Between The Panels: Summer Visions - Weaving Your Story Together

Between The Panels: Summer Visions | Comics Workshop | Saturday July 23, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM MST | Online | Pay-What-You-Can

Bring a Fresh Eye to Your Comics With Summer Visions!


Sat., July 23, 2022
w/ Peter Ziomek

Weaving Your Story Together With THEME! (Get Your Stories to Communicate Even Deeper)

Ever look at a comic's story and book design and wondered how it was so impactful? Use your story's theme to design the book inside and out!

This summer, 7000 BC will pull your comic project into focus with workshops to explore aspects of your vision -- and improve on them! Shed the peripheral and reveal your concepts as we accompany you through your creative process.

Our 8-week Pay-What-You-Can Summer Workshop Series is designed to run as a companion to the comic that you are creating now. Each Saturday, you'll be using your own project in a workshop illuminating a different topic. From refining your characters' image to designing your pages to keeping the costs down, we'll help you overcome obstacles and clarify your insights.

Who: Teens and Adults
All classes work individually or as a series. Workshops highlighted in blue are linked and currently available for registration.
What to bring: Drawing Implement (preferably dark) and paper or digital equivalent. And YOUR comic project. 
How much: Workshops are Pay-What-You-Can. Suggested donation $25 per workshop. Need-based scholarships available. 
Want to check it out? Drop-in students are welcome.
Watch for the full 16-week series, beginning August 27, 2022!
Stay safe, be well, and make comics!