Between the Panels - The Shape of Characters to Come

Between The Panels Workshop | Saturday, May 9 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM | Online | FREE!

7000 BC continues Between the Panels, our ongoing series of free online comic workshops for teens and adults every Saturday.  Sharpen your pencils, pull out your papers, and join us as we explore a storytelling medium like no other.  Drop-in students are welcome!

This Week's Workshop:
Saturday, May 9 - The Shape of Characters to Come (Defining Characters through Shapes)
How to visually define a character's stance by their stance.

Upcoming Workshops:

Saturday, May 16 - Quick Draw Mug Shots (Creating and Choosing Characters)
Saturday, May 23 - The Down Elevator to Back Story (Design Sheets and Fictional Pasts)

Registration is required.  To register, please email Jeff.  Once registered, you'll get a weekly invitation to upcoming workshops unless you tell us to stop.  We won't send you anything else.  We use Zoom for workshops, so you'll have to sign up for a free Zoom account here as well.

Everyone is welcome, but we ask that if you have means to pay for a workshop, please instead make a donation to an organization helping those in need at this time.

Stay safe, be well, and make comics!

7000 BC and Between the Panels workshops are supported by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the New Mexico Humanities Council.