7000 BC Panels at ACE

7000 BC presents two panels at ACE. On Saturday, uncover the rich history and compelling future of small press publishing. And on Sunday, learn how to make your own comics in a high-energy workshop.

Independent Comics
Saturday, June 26 12:30–2:00
Panel Room B

Independently produced comics have been on the rise for decades, ranging from commercially successful titles like Bone to the guy scribbling minis in his basement. With this panel we’ll explore the broad spectrum of indy comics, looking at indy history, creators’ rights, creating for kids and adults, the relationship between comics and other arts, and more.

Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother, Beasts of Burden, Sandman)
Larry Welz (Cherry, Captain Guts, 7000 BC)
Enrique “sykryk” Martinez (Syk, Birthmarks, Comboy, 7000 BC)
Jon Peters (Gypsy, Forty Winks, Squidworks)
Stephen McCranie (Mal and Chad)

Jeff Benham (Peoplings, The Salmonilla Chronicles, 7000 BC)

Create Your Own Comic
Saturday, June 25 11:00–12:30
Panel Room A

Words and images on a page? Put ‘em together and you get a comic book! Can it be that simple? Find out what makes comics tick (and CRASH! and BOOM! and hissssss) when New Mexico’s own sykryk conducts an informative, hands-on workshop on the comic book creation process. The emphasis is on storytelling – not draftsmanship – so even if you can only draw stick figures, you can make a compelling comic. Kids of all ages are welcome.

Enrique “sykryk” Martinez (Syk, Birthmarks, Comboy, 7000 BC)