December 7000 BC Meeting

Saturday, December 5| 2:00-5:00 | Title Wave Books | 1408 Eubank NE | Albuquerque, NM

The December 7000 BC meeting will be held at the meeting space at Title Wave Books at 1408 Eubank NE in Albuquerque on Saturday, December 5, starting at 2:00.

We'll be electing officers and making some other decisions about group operations — if you're unable to attend and want to weigh in, please send an email.


speak said...

I wanted to come to a meeting but I am not sure this is the one I should come to. Maybe I will have to wait till next year.

Bram said...

Everyone with an interest in the group is welcome and encouraged to attend -- even though we hope to conduct a fair amount of business, this will be a good opportunity to meet everyone and get a feel for what the group is doing.

speak said...

Glad I made it. It was nice to meet everyone there. Looking forward to seeing how the jam came out. See you next time.