Creating Comics Panel by Panel at UNM Continuing Education — Cancelled

This course has been cancelled. Please send an email if you're interested in future classes.

Creating Comics Panel by Panel | Thursdays, February 18–March 18 | 4:00pm-6:00pm | CE South Building, University of New Mexico Campus | Albuquerque, NM

For ages 13–17. Explore the many aspects of creating comics, from scripting and storytelling to layouts, panel placement and fluidity, and thumbnailing. Along the way, learn about comics theory and history. Class participants will produce stories individually or collaboratively, culminating in a completed mini comic ready to copy and distribute. Taught by Peter Ziomek.

The cost is $100 for the five-week session. To register, or for more information, visit the UNM Continuing Education site or call 505 277 0077.


Joey Urtiaga said...

LOL, I'm so not in that Age bracket, but I'd love to sit in on that class and see what it's all about :P

Bram said...

You may be able to do that ... or you could join us at our meetings.

The January one will have some business and we're moving to having more working/critique time -- you're certainly welcome to join us.

Shirl said...

Send a blurb to the former Arts Alliance mailing list-- whatever it has morphed into. Check the Albuquerque Art's website. Good luck!

Joey Urtiaga said...

I was wanting to join you guys for the Jan. Meeting, but unfortunately work and that you are in santa fe this time around holds me back a bit. Hopefully your Feb. meeting will be near the Albuq. area. Thanks for the info though!

Bram said...

We alternate between Abq and Santa Fe -- next meeting will mostly likely be Abq, probably the second Saturday.

Watch the site for news -- hope to see you there.