Sugar Frosted Amoebas

Now available for download — Sugar Frosted Amoebas, the jam comic produced at the January meeting.


Michael Bernstein said...


Michael Bernstein said...

tap, tap

Is this thing on?

Bram said...

Sorry for the delay. We're working like mad to wrap up the (long-overdue) 24 Hour Comic day electronic book.

Officially, all our artists retain the copyright to their work, but we encourage the distribution of our comics. In short, we don't want anyone making more money off our stuff than we are, but we're grateful for folks who want to spread the word.

We collected the first six jams into a sold-out book, and are seeing about a reprint and collection of the next several for our appearance at STAPLE.

Feel free to email with any questions.

Michael Bernstein said...


The Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs license would probably suit your needs, then.