24 Hour Comics Day Wrapup

We had a couple great 24 Hour Comics Day events here in New Mexico, at True Believers Comics and Gallery in Santa Fe and Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque. Around 22 participants over the course of the event in Santa Fe, 19 in Albuquerque.

Below a few photos (click for larger). There are plenty more at our posts (listed below) to the 24 Hour Comics Day blog, which was tracking venues all across the world. And James, who couldn't join us, worked from home in Los Alamos and blogged about his experience.

Thanks to Chris and Danny at True Believers, and to Darby, Susan, Don, Jimmy, Kathy Meidel, and Scott Owen at Harwood; to Walter Burke Catering, Java Joe's, Upper Crust Pizza, RB Winning Coffee Company, and Einstein Bros. Bagels for their gracious food donations; to Nat and the rest of the organizers; and to all our participants.


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