7000 BC at Alternative Press Expo

APE | Saturday, April 21-Sunday, April 22 | 11:00 am-7:00 pm/11:00 am-6:00 pm | The Concourse | San Francisco, CA

7000 BC returns to APE in San Francisco. There will be new comics, some seeing the light of day for the first time — and the group will be well represented, with Jett, Serena, Ryk, Danny, Monica, and Bram planning on being there.

Update: We're at table 109.

Further updates: It's over, we had a great time. Paulie and Jamie also made it out, and there's a photo of a bunch of us at the table at Inkyhack's Flickr photostream.


inkyhack said...

Glad you found the picture. Did you want it in high resolution so you can print it out and frame it or use it for publications? Just let me know.

Real pleasure meeting you all.

Bram said...

Inkyhack —

Thanks for the note — it'd be great to have a full-resolution version of the photo. Please try sending it to our email. And then, if you could, follow it up with an email to say you sent it, so I'll know if it gets stuck in a filter somewhere.